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Direct To Garment

What is Digital Shirt Printing?

Direct to Garment, or DTG printing, is a process by which a digital image is printed directly onto your apparel using the newest technology in apparel printing. This process allows us to print any quantity order with highly detailed full color designs at an affordable price.  With our expert team of DTG professionals any design is possible . We ensure outstanding accuracy, exceptional consistency, exceptional print output and low priced rates with every order. DTG Shack operates Ricoh Ri3000 These machines can print on light and dark garments  use ink jet technology that prints on many garments in high quality color directly from a computer.

Direct to Garment Process

Step 1:

Every order receives a professional design review from our team of graphic artists and digital printing experts. We work diligently with you to see to your finished product. To start, we ask for the highest resolution image you currently have. The higher the image resolution, the better!

Step 2:

Our designers are happy to work with any image you provide, even if it takes a bit of polishing. We have mastered the art of transforming designs into masterpieces. For businesses, check with your web developer or marketing team to provide you with any raw logo image files.

Step 3:

Every design is thoroughly inspected before printing for quality assurance. You’ll be able to review the finished layout when we send you the final design proofs for your approval. If you have questions about your specific artwork, simply call us at 1-310- to consult with your project specialist.

Step 4:

When it comes to printing, pixels matter. Pixels are the smallest measurable point in a photo, and together, hundreds of thousands of them (sometimes millions) combine together to make the image you see. Think of mosaic artwork; The greater number of pieces within a canvas, the more detailed and apparent the image will look.

File Types for Direct to Garment

There are two types of images: raster and vector.Raster images use pixels. The higher number of pixels an image contains, the better resolution it will have; better quality prints. Pixels have a direct effect on the scaling capabilities of an image. The more pixels an image contains, the larger it can be scaled without becoming boxy, or pixelated.”

Art Guidelines

Vector images, however, use mathematical calculations between two different points to create geometrical shapes. The process itself use lines instead of pixels, and because of that, they are infinitely scalable. No matter how large you scale a vector image, it will not lose its quality.When you view a photo on a computer screen, it usually requires a fairly low PPI (Pixels Per Inch) count – around 72, generally. For digital viewing, that’s fine. But when it comes to printing, both on t-shirts and paper, the higher the PPI count, the better. Ideally, we  request customers submit photos at 300 PPI. If that’s not possible, no worries! Our design team is always happy to help.Whether submitting a vector or raster image, here are some of the most commonly accepted file formats:  AI ,PCT,EPS,PDF,PNG,TIFF,PSD

All artwork should be submitted preferably as Vector art (.eps, .ai.) or as high resolution .psd, .pdf, or .png (150 dpi min / 300 dpi recomended) with layers & transparent backgrounds. Please convert all text/fonts to outlines instead of true font types. File Color Format in RGB.
Converting artwork from 72 dpi to 300 dpi will not yield good results and in some cases we can not use those files. For larger files, send Drop Box links or external file sharing sites.

Bottom line: Your image quality will determine the quality of your finished shirt

Bring Your Own Shirts :

Garment Guidelines and Suggestions

DTG printing is intended to be completed on 100% cotton garments, if you are providing garments that are not 100% cotton, DTG Shack ,  is in no way responsible (no refunds or reprints) for pre or post production errors such as garment reactions to pre -treatment or heavy fading after multiple washes. If you choose to use self-supplied garments, we highly recommend completing a sample product before approving an order. DTG items are pre-treated with a chemical that may cause reactions on certain fabrics , There is a 2-5% expected fade rate after first couple of washes.

  • We print on cotton and polyester blends Garments of any color.
  • 100% Cotton is preferred to guarantee quality.
  • We do not recommend polyester blends of 40% or more.
  • No garment can be treated with a stain resistant / waterproofing chemical.
  • Avoid products with more than a 1 X 1 rib fabric as fabric weave will affect print detail.
  • When choosing dark color shirts, please keep in mind that cost will increase as these shirts will need to be pre-treated and printed with a white ink under base first.
  • When printing on fleeces please stay with a high cotton blend.
  • If poor quality garments are supplied and that are less than 100% cotton, we can not guarantee print quality and will not be responsible for final product.

Art guidelines - Refer to Guidelines Above


What kind of shirts do you print on?

We print on 100% Cotton T-Shirts to guarantee quality and consistency. We offer a wide variety of other t-shirts types and quality for your order upon request. You may also bring your own shirt. Please refer to our bring your own shirt guidelines on this page. T-Shirts we provide for same day printing are 100% Ring spun cotton..

Up to What size can a shirt graphic be for DTG ?

Yes, Our printer can print up to 14″ wide x 16″ tall.

What is the turnaround time for a T-Shirt?

Our standard turnaround time for t-shirts orders is 2-7 business days after approval of artwork is received. On smaller quantities, we will have them within 24 hours if we have t-shirts on stock at time or ordering. If you bring your own shirts we can have them as soon as the same day! You may also pick our Same Day T-Shirts to pick up your shirts same day.

Can I order digital printing on black or colored garments?

Yes! While many companies only offer DTG services on lighter t-shirt colors, We can accommodate any order, light or dark, large or small.

What kinds of images are best for digital printing t shirts?

Many factors affect an image’s digital printability, but a basic rule of thumb is: The higher the resolution, the better. Our machines are the best in the business and produce the highest quality prints available, but those prints are only as good as the photos upon which they’re based.



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